CoFoundersTown Guidelines

CoFoundersTown aims to connect individuals (& organizations) from various interests & domains and intends to foster “learning through sharing”. We, at CoFoundersTown, believe that you always have an opportunity to learn from any specific individual and also pass on your personal & professional experience to the ones who might need it.

With this vision, we set out to create a platform wherein we not only provide a platform & opportunity for individuals (& organizations) to connect but also invite experts from various business domains to contribute on our platform.

We recognize and understand how important it is for individuals to feel empowered in order to make them feel more comfortable so that they can contribute freely. For this purpose, we have made a set of guidelines of what is & what is not allowed on the CoFoundersTown platform. These guidelines apply to all the content that’s published on the CoFoundersTown platform across all countries.

Violations of these guidelines might result in the removal of the post that violated the guidelines or might also lead to the temporary/permanent suspension of the user account who violated the guidelines. The CoFoundersTown might choose to stop/limit the distribution/promotion of any particular post at the sole discretion of CoFoundersTown editorial team.


We do not allow/encourage/appreciate content that threaten, encourage, or incite violence against anyone, either directly or indirectly.

Hate Speech

CoFoundersTown is strictly against any content that promotes/ignites violence or hatred against people based on race, sex, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age. However, if the CoFoundersTown team believes that a particular post/user is promoting any sort of violence/hatred which is not mentioned, the editorial team can choose to take appropriate measures as and when required.

Any post which glorifies, appreciates, promotes or celebrates violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths would immediately be taken down. Hateful text, images, symbols, or other content in your username, profile, or bio or any post is not allowed and appropriate measures would be taken against every such user account.

The final decision lies in the hands of the Editorial team of CoFoundersTown and how a particular post/user account needs to be dealt with depends at the sole discretion of the CoFoundersTown Editorial team.


CoFoundersTown is against harassment of any kind which includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Threatening, shaming, or bullying someone, or posting content which might encourage others to do so
  2. Trying to have any private/public communication with any user with an intention to annoy/harass someone
  3. Reviewing businesses, services, organizations, individuals products in a hateful or abusive manner


CoFoundersTown is against & doesn’t allow the following activities:

  • Posting content which contains private communications and doesn’t have permission from all the individuals involved in it
  • Making private or obscure personal information public with malicious intent and/or aggregating the information available publicly with an intention to target, shame, threaten, harass, blackmail, or intimidate
  • Posting content which contains intimate/ explicit images without the consent of the subject
  • Posting content that makes the otherwise private information about an individual public & violates others’ privacy, including (but not limited to) confidential information such as credit card numbers, non-public phone numbers, residential addresses, email addresses

Restricted categories

CoFoundersTown is against & does not allow posts/user accounts that engage in the following restricted categories of activity:

  • Promoting harmful conspiracies
  • Facilitating gambling or betting
  • Facilitating illegal sexual services
  • Facilitating copyright violation

Adult Nudity/ Sexual Activity

CoFoundersTown does not allow pornographic images or videos. Erotic writing and non-graphic erotic images is also not allowed on CoFoundersTown platform.

Looking at the sensitivity of this topic, it’s very subjective to decide what should be allowed and what should be not. A user’s discretion is hence advised at all times. Our Editorial team, however, keep trying its best to filter out what should reach our readers and what shouldn’t.

Minors Exploitation

CoFoundersTown takes the issue of exploitation of minors very seriously and does not content promoting the sexual or violent exploitation of minors, either directly or in a fictional manner.

Promoting self-harm

CoFoundersTown is against and does not allow content/activities that encourage, promote or glorify acts of self-harm in any form/manner. It’s the moral responsibility of each one of us to stand united against such activities and we encourage all our users to report it to us, in case they come across any such post/user.

Report a violation

If you come across any post/user account that violates the above-stated rules, write to us at our mail providing the post & user account details stating the issue with that particular post/user account.

If you break the rules

CoFoundersTown reserves the right to remove posts or suspend user accounts, without any prior notice, without stating any reason, mainly to protect and keep intact our services, infrastructure, users, or community. If any user tries to evade suspension by creating new accounts or posts, the new account and the content posted from that new account would be removed immediately.


Whenever CoFoundersTown decides to remove any content/ suspend the user account, we will notify you as soon as we do that. However, if we have strong reason to believe that your account is automated, or that notifying you might cause harm to someone, we might choose not to notify you.


If any user believes that their posts/account has been restricted or disabled in error, write to us at our mail.

Content Guidelines

To make your content eligible for getting curated and getting distributed across the CoFoundersTown social media accounts and newsletters, user posts must meet CoFoundersTown rules as well as the following content requirements:

  • Complete your user profile so that it becomes easier for the readers to know who you are
  • Choose the right and relevant interests so that your content gets distributed to the right audience
  • Do not use content/images which raises the issue of copyright infringement. CoFoundersTown takes no responsibility and you are solely responsible for the consequences that arise from using copyrighted image/content
  • Try making your articles as much engaging and informative as you can. Articles with an engaging title and a longer word length have a better chance of getting curated and distributed. All included content must be relevant, substantial and informative. We strongly recommend you to go proof-read your content before publishing it
  • Use a proper structure in your posts to enhance the reading experience of the readers. For example, usage of sub-headings and choosing to italicize the sentences at relevant places would increase the chances of your content getting selected for curation/distribution
  • Avoid posting content whose aim is to advertise a product/organization/individual
  • The content which is created with the primary aim to drive traffic to an external website, business, or product is less likely to be curated/distributed
  • Content which includes include other calls to action (for example, asking for claps), requests for donations, and/or putting up content with an aim to capture information or solicit money would not be curated/distributed.

CoFoundersTown reserves the right to distribute, use and share all the content published on its platform across all social media platforms, newsletters, and for all the other branding/promotional purposes. These requirements, however, are the necessary requirements and might not still not be sufficient to get your content curated and distributed through CoFoundersTown.

If the rules/policies are violated

CoFoundersTown reserves the right to review posts/ user accounts at any time and remove posts/suspend accounts at the discretion of the Editorial team of CoFoundersTown if we believe that any of our policies is violated.

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